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When decorating your home, you can expand your possibilities by thinking outside the box. Traditional decorating is fine for many circumstances; however, if you want to really leave an impression on your guests, then try using some of the following clever design ideas.

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Putting it all together

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Add A reflection

Paintings and other wall decorations are a fine addition to any room, but mirrors also have something to offer. For starters, large mirrors can make a room look much bigger than it actually is. You also get extra light if the mirrors are able to catch light coming through the windows during the daytime. This idea is recommended by some of the best interior design blogs today.

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It's the little things

Sometimes there is no need to buy extra decorating accessories when you already have a trinket collection and a few treasured books. Simply display them in a way that brings out the sparkle and sophistication of each item. Plates, trays and other small items can also make your space truly one-of-a-kind. Antique stores are and excellent source for vintage items.

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Plants Are Refreshing

If you are looking for additional ideas for an empty corner or other unused space, consider getting some indoor plants. Many varieties and sizes are available to suit a wide range of tastes. They are fairly simple to care for, and they serve a practical purpose by absorbing pollutants that could be in the air. Plants not only offer a calming atmosphere, they also smell good too.

The Final Touches

Get More Decorating Ideas

Peruse through several interior design blogs on the Internet to get the inspiration you need to truly transform your home. Once you are done decorating, you will be able to say that this space absolutely defines who you are. It’s now time to entertain your guests.